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Error Messages

Let's figure out what's going on.

Stumped? Here are a couple helpful items to try first...

Verify your username and password are correct.

Could not authenticate user.

  • This error means your username and password don’t match
  • Verify that your username and password work on the Web Portal via your browser

Your District ID, username, or password is incorrect.

  • Verify your District ID on the Web Portal
  • Verify your Portal username and password
  • Attempt to login with confirmed District ID and Portal credentials

Your account needs attention. Please go to the Web Portal to fix the problem.

  • Login to the web portal in your browser
  • If prompted, complete the CAPTCHA to login
  • If prompted, complete the password recovery setup

Could not connect/complete data retrieval.

  • Check your Internet connection
  • If you continue to get the error, reinstall the app

Could not connect to Infinite Campus. If this problem persists, try updating your settings.

  • Uninstall the Campus Mobile Portal app
  • Reboot your device
  • Reinstall the Campus Mobile Portal app
  • Attempt to log into the Campus Mobile Portal app

Missing data?

Try a manual refresh of your data. This will force a full resynchronization of data from the server. If that doesn't work, try stopping the app or even reinstalling the app. You can stop the app by:

  • On iOS: double-press the home button. Swipe right-to-left find the Mobile Portal app and swipe it up.
  • On Android: press the "recent apps" button (it's the rounded-corner square one on the lower right), swipe to find the Campus Portal app and touch the X to remove the app from the running apps.

App menu items turned off?

Your school controls what areas of the app available to you. It's common for schools to turn off all or parts of the app over summer break, during other school breaks, and during grading periods. If menu items are greyed out, this indicates that your school has turned them off.

Contact your school if you have questions about what's turned on and off.

Are you experiencing a problem?  Ask for help.