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District ID

Need help locating your District ID?

What is my District ID?

Find your District ID

Instructional videos on accessing
your District ID.

iOS Video

Android Video

Why do I need a District ID?

Each school/district has their own version of Infinite Campus. In order to connect your device to your school's version of Infinite Campus we use a short six character code (aka your District ID) to map your school's site. Don’t have a Campus Portal account? All Campus Portal accounts are provided by your school.

Can’t find the Get your District ID button in the Campus Portal?

This could mean your district does not currently support our Mobile App. Please contact your school with questions.

Can my District ID Change?

Short answer: Yes, it can.

Long answer: Yes, it can change if the URL to access your district's version of Infinite Campus changes. Usually if a school changes the URL for Infinite Campus, we get notified and update the URL for the original District ID. In this situation, both district codes work for the Mobile App.

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