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Child Not Appearing

Trouble viewing all of your children...we can help.

Are you missing a student? Try some helpful tips.

Is one or more of your children not appearing in the Mobile App?

Why can't I see all of my children?

Do you have your own account or are you using your childs to login?

You should have your own account. This allows for your person record in the system and the relationships setup between your record and the records of your children to work in your favor in the Mobile Apps. Ask your school for your own account.

In some occasions parents share the same user account. This is okay, but it’s better for you each to have your own personal account. When you login you should see your name. If you see your spouse’s name, you know the user account you’re using is tied to their person record.

Make sure the school has activated your Portal setting.

The person record (yours or your spouse’s) should have a relationship in the system. (Your school manages them.) On the relationship are many options, but the important one is the Portal setting. It’s a checkbox that must be checked for you to view your children in the Portal.

Only your school can fix the Portal checkbox problem if you think you have it. Please contact your school to fix this data issue. Make sure you tell them what username you are using and which person, you or your spouse, that is tied to that user account.

Are you experiencing a problem?  Ask for help.