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Meet our ICU Trainers

Our high-quality training experts will show you the newest Infinite Campus functionality.

Pam Carlson

Florida & Maine

Pam brings energy and enthusiasm to training and is excited to work with educators and educational staff.

Karen Corbett

Arizona & New Mexico

Karen has the opportunity to give back to teachers, coaches and mentors to keep changing lives in the ever-changing classroom.

Josh Cox


Josh specializes in working as a collaborative training resource and is energized by partnering with those who want to truly make a positive difference.

Erin Drew

Hawaii & South Dakota

Erin enjoys planning and facilitating professional development opportunities that provide key support to educators and assist them with completing daily tasks. 

Erin Eastman

Indiana & Michigan

Erin is passionate about working with education professionals and supporting school districts in their goals to achieve student success in the modern classroom.

Greg Guswiler


Greg's ability to infuse humor and authentic examples into his training sessions capture the learners attention from the beginning. 

Shelby Johnson

Training Documentation

Shelby specializes in working alongside adult learners and is passionate about making a difference through her collaboration with others in education.

Bonnie Linder

Manager, Infinite Campus University

Bonnie's team strives to give the best customer service and keep themselves knowledgeable, putting them ahead of all other SIS companies. 

Nathan Mechtel

Ohio, Oklahoma & Texas

Nathan enjoys playing a crucial role in K12 education and its further advancement.

Ryan Pankratz


Ryan enjoys working with educational professionals so that they can best utilize Infinite Campus. 

Mariah Ristow

Virginia & Washington DC

Mariah is passionate about education because learning is a huge part of life. She loves teaching people and seeing that light bulb go on. 

Matthew Schaaf


Matthew has been working with, training and supporting educators his entire professional career; experience that he leverages to help users work with Campus effectively.

Amber Sessions-Fox

Kentucky & Tennessee

Amber enjoys helping educators find ways to utilize Infinite Campus to the fullest so they can meet the specific needs of their districts.

Aliena Somers


Aliena strives to surpass learner expectations through an engaging training style that will leave participants enthused and excited to apply what they’ve learned in their Campus SIS.  

Rick Sorrentino

Florida, Idaho & BIE

Rick is intent on aiding administrative stakeholders in utilizing Infinite Campus effectively by meeting the needs of their students, parents, teachers and support staff.

Tracie VanWechel


Tracie is passionate about helping district staff become comfortable using Campus. She engages her audience and seeks to build relationships for continual learning opportunities.