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Client Relationship Managers

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Bob Gits

Arizona, California, New Mexico & Utah

Greetings from Minnesota. Over the last 20 years I have worked with students and teachers to better utilize technology in our classrooms. I continue that through my position at Infinite Campus as a CRM. Meeting our customers and building relationships is a primary function in my role and I look forward to working with all of you. In my spare time I umpire girls fast pitch softball, and enjoy time with my wife and three daughters – so I am used to having every decision I make criticized.

Erin Drew

Minnesota, Texas, Virginia & Washington D.C.

I joined the CRM team after being an Infinite Campus Training Specialist for nearly two years. Prior to joining Infinite Campus, I was an English Literacy teacher in Georgia and taught English in South Korea, Japan and Turkey before life brought me to St. Paul as an Academic Pathway Advisor. My passion for education, travels and Campus experience contributes to my role in working with our wonderful customers.

Jason Kramer

Bureau of Indian Education

Hi, I’ve been with Infinite Campus for over six years and before that I worked for IBM for nine years. I’m married with two wonderful daughters and in my free time I like to play the guitar and play games. I love my job and consider it a privilege to get to know, and work with, our Campus customers. Building relationships is a passion of mine – not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. Lastly, I can lift like 10 pounds right over my head!

Lisa DeGaris

Indiana, Kentucky & Tennessee

I have lived in Kentucky since 1998 and have worked in the technology industry supporting educators for about 25 years. When I am not working I love to spend time with my two daughters and three grandchildren.

Mariah Ristow


Hello! I have been with Infinite Campus for nearly four years. I am a former Infinite Campus Trainer and RFP Specialist. Working with customers and building relationships with people from all over the country has been one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

In my free time, as of lately, I enjoy looking up new recipes and cooking. So far, no one has gotten sick, so I must be doing something right! A rule to live by; over-salt everything and if something doesn’t taste great, dip it in Ranch. My fiance and I have a one-year-old dog named Betty Lou. She is an AussieDoodle (Australian Shepard and Poodle mix). Betty turned grey at 4 months and has continued to get greyer. She is loving, sassy, and a total momma’s girl. When she isn’t busy playing at the dog park for hours, she is typically following me around the house. Everywhere. Sometimes I hide in my closet for 5 minutes for alone time. I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

Michael Mock

Hawaii, KDE

Hi! I’m a veteran employee of Infinite Campus and the reigning second place Dart Ball medalist in the Campus Summer Lawn Games. While I enjoy the occasional laugh, I truly value building lasting relationships with our customers through honest and supportive communication. I have confidence that the knowledge I have gained as a Trainer, Supervisor, and CRM at Infinite Campus will prove useful to your district.

Miles Marsh

Maine, Ohio & Oklahoma

I have been a part of the Campus Support team since 2016, and in that time have won several awards for my customer service, the most notable of which being the 2018 HDI Analyst of the Year award for the state of Minnesota. Over the course of nearly 7,000 support cases I have built a strong proficiency in the Infinite Campus software, and while that won’t be my focus any longer in this new role, you’ll be sure to benefit from that familiarity. I am passionate about building relationships based on trust and consistency, and I’m beyond excited to be working with customers in this new capacity.  

I grew up in New Mexico, but also lived in Chicago for many years after attending Lake Forest College, before eventually settling into my current home in the northern Twin Cities suburbs (diehard Cubs and Bears fan!). My wife Katie and I have a six year old daughter Vada (pronounced Vay-Duh) and a three year old son Joe. In my free time I love to play tabletop games with friends and read a wide variety of novels.

Sal Schmidt

Michigan, Wisconsin

Hi, I’m Sal (short for Sallie) Schmidt. I grew up and reside in Wisconsin. I’m mom of three and proud grandma of seven. I bring a strong educational background to Campus with 15 years of experience in a public school system. I was instrumental in bringing Infinite Campus to my hometown prior to joining the Campus team in 2004. I truly understand what it takes to ensure a district’s success.

Scott Sinclair

South Dakota, SD DOE

I have more than 25 years of experience working with technology and education, including several years as a system administrator for a school district in South Dakota. Rolling out Infinite Campus to more than 150 districts in two years has provided the foundation for product expertise and continued understanding of district needs.

Stephanie Sondrol

Idaho, Montana & OPI, NV & NV DOE

I’m very blessed to be working at Infinite Campus for thirteen years. I love working with all customers, both external and internal, and keeping everyone happy! When I’m not at Infinite Campus, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I’m grateful to have an amazing husband, Nate, and a five-year-old son, Parker. I love being outdoors, on the go, and watching Parker’s journey learning all about life!