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We asked your peers about our Student Information System.

They answered.

Integration and Innovation

The level of integration of services is something you didn't even know you desperately needed, until you compare it to your OLD SIS's hacked together kludge - then you realize how awesome it is that Infinite Campus is a SINGLE system that works together!

Paul Feist, Technology Coordinator
Pacific Union School District

IC's quick innovation to adapting to COVID helped make it easier to keep track of a changing world that was presented to us unexpectedly. I recommend IC to everyone who doesn't have it. It really is a life changer.

Shana Sellers, Student Information and Record
Fayette County Board of Education

Infinite Campus, as an SIS, has the ability to link to a lot of 3rd party vendors and services. Infinite Campus does not force you into their own product line, but instead, facilitates the integration of whichever software flavors you need. (*Power**** required districts to abandon a lot of platforms, forcing/requiring you to pay for similar functionality on their own platform.)

Dana Morgan, IT Director
Extera Public Schools

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Services and Support

Infinite Campus provides prompt and professional service. This company goes above and beyond to satisfy schools. Our faculty and staff receive prompt professional answers that lay the groundwork for teachers building on their knowledge of Infinite Campus.

Jacque Yaneff, Academic Technology Manager
Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools

I love Infinite Campus. I love working with the support staff. I have always been beyond satisfied with the service I receive. Quick and so helpful is what I always experience. Infinite Campus is amazing…does an amazing job with the changes our schools are facing.

Dawna Gudka, Data Specialist
Weld RE3J Keenesburg

The support that Infinite Campus and their channel partners provide is unprecedented. They are always looking to improve their product with the end user in mind and they value the end users’ input in the process. 

Melody Copelan, Student Data Coordinator
Stephens County Schools

COVID Response

There were many challenges for us with the COVID-19 pandemic, including how to set up our SIS in response to it. And IC gave us the tools. Because of their aggressive development timelines, as well as frequent updates so that we knew with confidence when the tools would be ready, we were able to count on them to give us the tools to succeed in this new world. Infinite Campus understands the software development lifecycle, as well as school districts in general. They value their employees, while also expecting a high level of service expertise from them. Throughout the pandemic, Infinite Campus has once again shown why they are the industry leader in student information systems.

Robert Kramer, Data Analyst
South-Western City School District

Infinite Campus responded very quickly to address our changing needs during COVID. They built tools that helped us manage our in-person and virtual learners and meet our changing data reporting needs. I was impressed by the speed with which Infinite Campus was able to build and deploy tools in response to COVID. As a company, made up of incredible individuals, their support during COVID has been top notch; they never wavered in their commitment to provide us with the best tools and the best support.

Angela Henderson, Data Technician
Clarksville Community Schools

Infinite Campus' response to COVID was quick and effective. When schools closed in the spring, they quickly pushed out attendance solutions to meet the needs of our teachers and students. When the school year started, they had developed a plethora of tools specifically to help with blended learning and other learning models. Infinite Campus is cutting edge and responds to the ever-changing needs of schools, especially during this difficult time.

Kacey Hanson, Principal
Chequamegon School District

K12 Focus

I appreciate the purpose-driven education focus the Campus team uses to guide their work and product development. Many other ed tech companies are solely focused on growth and profit and will use these metrics as guideposts for their work, which is often not what is best for kids, teachers, and schools.

Craig Barnum, Executive Director of Digital Literacy and IT
Cedar Rapids Community Schools

Infinite Campus is more than a vendor, they are a partner. As a company, they listen to our needs and do their best to accommodate as quickly as possible. They constantly assess what is happening in schools and listen to their customers on what is needed.

Tracy Viscosi, Director III, Student Information Systems
Clark County School District

Infinite Campus is committed to keeping up with the changes in the world. It's really nice to have updated features roll out as things change in the world. We're not stuck waiting for a new year or constantly searching for a new product.

Stacey Harlin, Administrative Software Manager
Edmond Public Schools

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