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Activity Registration

Include activity and athletic registration within the Portal. 

Families will be able to select specific activities and athletics from the School Store to begin the registration process. In addition, this registration feature will allow parents to pay field trip fees and sign permissions in one process through the School Store.

Setting Up Activities

The process starts with creating one or more customized registration forms. Each activity can have its own forms, or forms can be created and used for multiple activities.

Once forms are set up for the activity, the forms are used in Activity Registration by a staff member (activity owner) who will complete and monitor registrations. This user can be any staff member such as a coach or activities coordinator.

The activity owner can use an Ad Hoc filter to define the students eligible to register for the activity.

Set up activity at multiple levels, such as varsity, junior varsity and 9th grade sports can be created as separate activities, or split the registrants up after they've signed up.

Costs are set up for each activity. Tiered pricing can be set up for free and reduced price eligibility students.

Registering for an Activity

The maximum number of registrations for the activity can be defined if needed, but it's not required.

When parents or students register for the activity, the inventory functionality will track the number of available spaces.

If there is an associated cost for the activity, the parent or student will pay for it by adding the activity to their cart and checking out through the school store

After a parent or student submits the registration, it is sent to the activity owner to be processed.

Approving the registration adds the student to the activity's roster.