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Data Extract Utility

Need data from external systems? No problem!

Easily automate data with external data bases.

Use the Campus Data Extract Utility and the wealth of information maintained in your Infinite Campus database to automate data with external data bases and third-party systems like library and transportation. Set up and schedule flat file data extracts to provide precisely the right data to the right place, in the right form, at the right time.


  • Data entered once into the Infinite Campus district database can be scheduled and shared with a wide variety of external systems, thereby eliminating rekeying and transcription errors.
  • Technical users can specify any field in the Infinite Campus database schema for inclusion in extract definitions.
  • Campus Custom Development can help you extend the Campus Data Extract Utility to support a wide range of data objectives.

Key Functionality

  • Intuitive editors simplify the automatic extract process:
    Data Extract Options Editor
    Detail Information Editor
  • Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly extracts.
  • Test server connections and queries before extracting.
  • Generate extract files with CSV, TAB, Tilde, or Vertical Bar delimiters.
  • Deliver extracts via SMB, FTP, SFTP, or FTPS protocol.
  • Set up and schedule an unlimited number of extracts.
  • Perform manual, unscheduled extracts anytime.