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Data Change Tracker

Easily reconcile changes made within Campus SIS.

Data Change Tracker

Easily reconcile changes made within Campus SIS. Have visibility to who made the changes, when they were made and old/new values.

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  • Easily enable/disable areas of Infinite Campus to track. 
  • Changed data can be retained for multiple years. 
  • Understand the overall impact a data change has on current records, such as mass ending enrollment records, scheduled tasks, and database scripts. 
  • Easily audit the last change made in the system. 
  • Find changes made after deadlines. 
  • Research suspicious activity.
  • Fast performance that does not slow down users saves.

Key Functionality 

  • Modules tracked by default include: Student Attendance, Student Fees, Special Ed Documents, Graduation, Identity, Medication, Medicaid, School/School History, Program Participation, Behavior, Grades and Transcripts. 
  • Capture data adds, changes, and deletes made through the user interface, imports, wizards and database scripts. 
  • Report on data changes by: User making the change Person whose record was changed Module, field, before or after values.
  • Change records also include: Type of change (add/change/delete) Date and time of change How data was changed (user interface, database script) Tool used that made change.
  • Audit records are stored in a separate database with its own security roles.
  • Changes made with direct Open Database Connectivity access outside the product will record the SQL username and the SQL script that made the change.