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Continuous Backup

Rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

Your data is in good hands.

Campus Continuous Backup is a powerful way to retrieve almost 100 percent of your data after a disaster. As data is being saved, it is replicated to the Infinite Campus headquarters on a continuous basis. Should the unthinkable occur, rest easy knowing that your data will be available, district-wide, with minimal data loss (20 minutes or less) in about one hour.


All equipment is managed and maintained by the Campus Hosting Team, including nightly scheduled backups at the Infinite Campus headquarters in Blaine, MN.

  • Eliminates the costs of data re-entry.
  • Assures district of a secure disaster recovery plan to include your SIS.
  • Obtain consistent, usable data meeting mandated disaster recovery times.

Key Functionality

  • Available to all Infinite Campus district customers with hardware on site.
  • Eliminate the cost, setup and maintenance of a point-to-point VPN tunnel with an SSL VPN client.
  • State-of-the-art weather alert system, eliminating the possibility of data loss. If your district has severe weather conditions, a notification is immediately sent to Campus Hosting.

How It Works

Customer’s Infinite Campus database is modified and data is added constantly.

  1. The district’s backup client reads the transaction, file changes and sends them to the backup server at the Infinite Campus headquarters.
  2. An SSL VPN client on the district server maintains a connection with the Infinite Campus headquarters.
  3. The VPN server at the Infinite Campus headquarters has a connection to the backup servers.
  4. The district database is restored to the Campus Disaster Recovery install.
  5. Two times per year, the district database is restored and tested by Campus Hosting and a district representative. The test is documented for use to present to auditors.