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Campus Premium Products and Suites

Take flight to a single integrated solution.

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Campus Premium Products and Suites work seamlessly with the Campus Student Information System so you can eliminate third-party systems.

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Offer is valid now through December 31, 2021. Supplies are limited.


Campus Payments

Payment processing solution for food service, fees, and activity registration. Bonus functionality: includes a School Store.

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Food Service

Streamline your cafeteria with new functionality: Multiday serve, CEP Meal Tally, Contactless Scanning, and more.

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Messenger with Voice

Simply communicate daily and emergency notifications to staff, students and parents through email, text and voice messages.

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Online Registration 

Streamline your registration process for new & existing students with an easy-to-use system.

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Campus Analytics Suite

Identify students at risk of not persisting to graduation and improve data integrity. Now available: new question types for surveys with translation support and embedded reporting.

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Campus Learning Suite

Offer anytime, anyplace learning for students with a simple user interface that connects teachers to new, powerful tools for digital learning.

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Campus Workflow Suite

Use a contactless scanning module to streamline attendance. Set up events with triggers to send notifications to defined recipients.

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Campus Passport
Training subscription with on-demand learning. 

Data Change Tracker
Know who made changes, and when. 

Multi-language Editor
Support multiple languages. 

Staff Evaluations
Tools for staff performance. 

Human Resources
Manage daily HR activities. (Available in select states.)