Messenger with Voice
Included In
Campus Messenger simplifies communications to staff, students and parents through an easy-to-use Web interface. Deliver regular, content-rich communications via email, phone or text messaging. Use system data to immediately distribute a large volume of calls including emergency notifications with Campus Messenger with Voice, powered by ShoutPoint VOIP service.
Key Functionality

Send emails notifying parents that report cards are available on the Campus Portal, reducing the number of printed report cards mailed and saving printing, postage, and labor costs.

Deliver emergency notices using dedicated ports to prioritize emergency traffic whenever needed.

Notify parents immediately with automated scheduled messages via the task scheduler for attendance, behavior, missing assignments and grade messages.

Utilize voice-over Internet protocol (VOIP) service and eliminate long distance fees and the need for hardware.

Interject emergency messages, including large volume messages, taking precedence over other queued messages.

Send text messages to guardians, staff and students.

Allow remote dial-in to access daily uploaded contact information at VOIP provider for emergency district notices; select from staff, guardian or both.

Deliver prerecorded WAV files and text-to-voice messages.

Use existing filters or groups to pull distribution lists and content.

Select from predefined or customized messages.

View, track and cancel messages from your district.

Utilize survey messenger to gather feedback from staff, students and parents.

*One-time setup fee