Food Service
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Campus Food Service streamlines cafeteria operations for establishing individual or family food service accounts, tracking food purchases and designing flexible menu layouts. Campus Food Service improves the efficiency of all food service employees through three easy-to-use point-of-sale options while simplifying state reporting.
Key Functionality

Campus Food Service gives users immediate, secure access to the cafeteria information needed.

Review food service transactions through an easy-to-use Web interface as it is entered via class serve or POS terminal.

Access students’ account balances through the Campus Portal and Mobile Portal and review meal selections via the Campus Portal in real time.

Integrated with Campus FRAM to process applications, with immediate results, and give the student free, reduced or paid lunch all in the same day, while ensuring data confidentiality in the lunchroom.

Collect lunch counts from the classroom.

Automate student food service account and PIN creation when a student enrollment record is added to the system.

Deposit cash or checks into a patron’s account which is applied to the balance in real time.

Employee accounts and PINs can be generated.

Unusual transactions can be spotted by monitoring individual cashier activity in real time.

Centralize administration of menu items and pricing options.

Generate batch letters for low balance.

Spending limits, low-balance and “no ala carte” alerts can be established.

Send notices regarding low-balances to parents via email or voicemail.