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Scheduling: How it works

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First, build your master schedule

Your scheduling process should not have to change; the Blended Learning structure is an additional layer that exists on top of your existing class schedule.

Then, assign students to Blended Learning Groups

For districts that already know which students should be in each of the groups they create, batch tools will allow for quick and easy Manual Group creation and student assignments. Alternately, the district can use the Infinite Campus SIS to create Automatic Blended Learning Groups. These groups are populated by the system automatically using a powerful algorithm to look at the entire school’s schedule and assign students in a manner providing the best possible balance of students from different Blended Learning Groups for each classroom. In addition, the Automatic Group Creation Wizard also takes into account household relationships and will assign all students in the household to the same Blended Learning Group helping with busing and childcare arrangements.

Finally, assign Blended Learning Groups to calendar days

Much like Day Events, one or multiple Blended Learning Groups can be assigned to a calendar day. When a Blended Learning Group is assigned to a calendar day, students in that Group are designated as receiving instruction virtually, while any unassigned Blended Learning Groups will be designated as receiving instruction physically within the school. While every other day rotations are most common, districts can utilize the tools in Campus to assign groups to days meeting just about any day rotation pattern imaginable. 

That’s all there is to it

Once in place and enabled, the various tools displaying and organizing student information throughout Campus will begin to display a student’s Blended Learning Group and physical/virtual context. Additionally, the Campus Messenger tool set has been enhanced to enable communications related to a student’s Group assignment and physical/virtual schedule to be easily communicated with students and parents via the Campus Portal, Voice, Email or Text message.


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