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Google Classroom Integration

Notice: Back to School 2020-21

Districts may continue using the free version of Google (Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals). This connection works as it always has and your teachers still have access to real-time assignment score passback from Google Classroom to Campus.

Integration with Google Classroom is now available! 

Save teachers time by reducing double entry. Push assignments and scores from Google Classroom directly into your Infinite Campus Grade Book. See below for resources and answers to your questions.

The Google Integration webinar recording is now available! Watch to see the integration in action and learn more.

I'm interested in learning more about the Google Classroom integration. What do I need to know?

  • Campus Learning Suite is required. (Campus Learning is our LMS that's seamlessly embedded within Campus SIS, with one login across the system.)
  • Districts must be on at least Campus .2008 when they set up their credentials. Aside from that, no update to Campus is required for Google Classroom to display as an option in the Learning Interoperability vendor list.
  • Google Classroom uses version 1.1 of the OneRoster API.
  • Google is unique from other OneRoster Grading Services integrations in one way—Google does not populate Classroom with roster data (classes, teachers, students) from Infinite Campus. Updated roster data in Infinite Campus does not flow to Classroom. Instead, Google matches student/teacher records in Infinite Campus against those individuals' existing Google accounts (emails) within Google Classroom. 
  • For assignments/scores to sync, the email address students and teachers have in Census > People > Email (not Secondary Email) and that person’s Google Classroom account (email) must match.
  • The OneRoster API doesn’t support standards-based grading. Only assignments associated with a single grading task and having a numeric score are supported. This and other important details about how the integration works are documented here: Considerations for Using Grade Book Sync.
  • The integration with Google Classroom is a part of our Digital Learning Partner Program. Check out our full list of Partners here.

What are the next steps in configuring the connection?

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