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Which K12 teacher inspired you the most?

Marc, Process Consultant

I had a fifth grade teacher named Mr. Hall that, to this day, I remember vividly. He made everyday a lot of fun and learning enjoyable. He was a really down to earth teacher that you could tell truly enjoyed being there everyday.

Craig, IT Systems Engineer III

I had a fifth grade teacher who really encouraged having fun in the classroom. I was the class clown, so as long as my grades were up and I wasn't interrupting class, I was encouraged to laugh and make other students laugh and have a good time.

Jenn, IT Business Analyst

My tenth grade Civics teacher was the first teacher to ever challenge what we had been taught. He expected us to ask questions, poke holes in theories, and think for ourselves. 

Jenny, Support Representative

My tenth grade History teacher. He really got me interested in the subject of history and that is why I majored in Social Studies to become a teacher. 

Emily, Software Engineer II

My high school calculus teacher provided me with the challenge in mathematics that I had sought after, and helped me increase my love of mathematics and learning in general.

Sarah, SPA - Localization

My dad. He was my high school chemistry teacher and he always pushed me to do my best, but to also be myself and find my way.

Alyson, Tech. Svcs. Coordinator

My Kindergarten teacher actually inspired me to become a teacher. I was very shy and she was so kind and understanding. I wanted to be just like her and help other children just as she helped me.

Eric, Support Advisor

Mr. Buscho inspired me the most in High School because of his excitement to teach and help others learn. Hands down the best teacher I've ever had.

Megan, Support Advisor

Mrs. Bronson, my second grade teacher. She was always positive and had a smile on her face. It made school more enjoyable and lively.

Ashley, Test Analysis Engineer

My high school math teacher. She loved teaching math and showed an extra interest in seeing the students succeed.

Todd, Financial Analyst II

Earl DeBates, my accounting teacher. His enthusiasm and encouragement set me on my current career path.

Matthew, Training Specialist

My fifth grade homeroom teacher in District 196, Mrs. Elder. She was by far the most influential educator I have ever worked with.

Tanya, Marketing Specialist

My sixth grade homeroom teacher Jean Kincanon was one of my all time favorite and most influential teachers. I ended up crossing paths with her later during my professional career.

Nathan, Training Specialist

My high school economics teacher. He truly gave me a spark for learning and made me want to be a teacher. I wrote a scholarship essay about him because of it.

Ron, Project Manager

My fourth grade teacher, Bettie Weaver, made me feel special and inspired me to try harder. I was thrilled to find out the district named a new elementary school after her.

Christine, Software Engineer

One of my high school math teachers, Paul Kelley. He not only made math fun and showed passion, but he also cared about us as students!