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What is your favorite moment at Campus?

Jason, Client Executive

The relationships I've been able to build with our customers, especially the Bureau of Indian Education.

Greg, Software Product Analyst

Getting my job offer!!! Simply the best place I have ever worked!

Eric, Product Manager

Every time I am able to present about new and existing functionality or just sit and talk with our customers at interchanges and user groups.

Gina, Support Manager

Winning HDI's Team Excellence award. It was the icing on the cake to have the industry recognize our awesome team.

Jessica, Project Manager

I specifically feel a sense of reward every time I implement a new district on Campus.

Jeremy, Content Creator

Working on developing gamified learning content.

Carrie, Test Analyst, Sr. 

Well, I met my husband here, so meeting him is probably my favorite moment :).

Esther, Test Analyst, Sr.

The work atmosphere and working closely with teams.

Jason, Custom Dev. Mgr. 

The day we won the Kentucky statewide contract. That was a turning point in our growth in the student information realm.

Dan, Data Scientist

I am privileged to write software that supports public education. No matter what project I work on at Infinite Campus, I get to help educators, parents and children.

Rob, Software Engineer

The talent show company party was the best. I loved being able to see the skills of the Campus employees.

Taylor, Software Product Analyst

Analyzing the data and working with both the development team and the data scientists on the Early Warning product for Kentucky. I take pride in being a part of Early Warning and seeing the impact on students.

Peter, Application Specialist

Any opportunities that I have had to interact with teachers about Infinite Campus. It's rewarding to hear how they use our product to better their classroom management and instruction.

Tyler, Software Engineer, Sr. 

Designing, coding and testing the Human Resources and Staff Evaluations products.

Josh, Training Specialist

Every time I hear from one of 'my' districts that they are having success, I get energized.

Jenny, Marketing Designer

Celebrating the Tower Grand Opening with everyone on New Year's Eve. The atmosphere was that of comradery and festivity. It made me feel like I was part of something significant and meaningful.