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What were you doing when Campus was founded in 1993?

Mike, Custom Dev. Analyst

Living the dream. Married with one child, working at Deluxe Corporation (a company that makes checks, imagine that, checks).

Joseph, RFP Manager

I was in my first year of college at Loyola Marymount University and had just joined my fraternity, Delta Upsilon.

Dave, Software Engineer II

I was attending Centennial High School.

Dennis, Sr. Sales Manager

I was grounded most of 1993 for being a hard-headed, know-it-all high school freshman in Vacaville, Cal.

Mary Beth, Director of Sales

I was K-12 Director of Sales for Mindscape in Novato, California, makers of educational software including the title Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.

Rosalind, Software Engineer

I was a sophomore in high school, playing as a 5'1" setter for my high school JV volleyball team. I was learning how to drive with my parents' purple Ford Taurus.

Mary, Software Tester

I started 7th grade in small town North Dakota. We had an Apple IIe computer at home and many in our K-12 school, which I loved playing so many games on.

Nancy, Regional Sales Manager

I was working for an Apple reseller, Education Technology Center, in Lubbock, TX. My responsibilities included consultative educational software sales and training.

Stephen, Process Consultant

Tight rolling my jeans.

Gabe, Software Product Analyst 


Brian, SR Software Engineer

I was programming for a start-up company.

Anne, Marketing Specialist

I was in kindergarten.

Laurie, Client Services 

I was married and raising two children. I attended A LOT of Little League games that summer.

Julie, Implementation Services

I was living on a ranch in the middle of South Dakota raising my three kids and working at the local school district.

Todd, Software Product Analyst

I was working at a student loan start up company and playing in a band.

Nancy, Security Manager

I was starting my own company and getting married.

Stephanie, Product Manager

I was living in Miami, working for a leading fine art retailer.

Deb, Data Services Engineer

I was developing software for the animal feed industry.

Rebecca, Test Analyst

I was working in managed healthcare and raising small children.

Laura, Test Analyst, Sr.

It was my sweet 16 year - I was learning how to drive.