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Watch our recorded webinar and six new instructional videos to see what is available with the Campus .2028 and .2032 release (GA on August 3).

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Published: May 29, 2020

Scheduling during these challenging times.

An important part of students returning to school this fall is social distancing. Implementation of an alternating physical/virtual day schedule is an effective approach for schools. Infinite Campus has the tools you need to create and manage social distancing and blended learning environments.

Our recorded webinar shows how to create flexible scheduling plans that respect state guidelines and honor social distancing.

A new feature called “blended learning groups” is coming this summer which will allow each student to be designated as a physical, distance, or blended learner. Physical learners are present in the classroom every day. Distance learners receive instruction remotely using LMS tools like Campus Learning. Blended learners alternate between physical and distance learning environments. A student’s blended learning group may be changed at any time, even after school starts.

Here’s how it works...

First, build your master schedule

Your scheduling process should not have to change. If you’ve already built your schedule, you’re good. If not, there are hundreds of helpful resources in the Campus Community Knowledge Base for scheduling teams, multiple period schedules, section placement templates, and copy section placements to help you.

Then, assign students to blended learning groups

Students who are designated as blended learners need to be assigned to an alternating blended learning group. The blended group assignment may either be done manually or automatically using our forthcoming Blended Learning Groups Wizard. The Wizard uses a powerful algorithm to look at the entire school’s schedule to make blended learning groups assignments providing the best possible balance of physical and distance learners for each classroom. In addition, the Wizard also takes into account household relationships and tries to assign all siblings to the same blended learning group helping with busing and childcare arrangements.

Finally, assign blended learning groups to calendar days

Just like with alternating schedules, blended learning groups are assigned to calendar days. When a blended learning group is assigned to a calendar day, that group is designated to be distantly taught on that day while the other blended learning group will be physically present. While every other day rotations are most common, you are free to create different rotations like Group A meeting Monday and Tuesday, Group B meeting Thursday and Friday…leaving Wednesday as distance learning for all groups except full-time physical learners.

That’s all there is to it

Additional blended learning group features and integration with other tools like student schedules and daily attendance will be added. Training videos and product documentation will also be available to assist you. We will continue to provide updates as development progresses.


Please contact your Client Executive for more information.

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