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Blended Learning Solutions

We are here if you need us.

Scheduling during these challenging times.

An important part of students returning to school this fall is social distancing. Implementation of an alternating physical/virtual day schedule is an effective approach for schools. Infinite Campus has the tools you need to create and manage social distancing and blended learning environments. A new feature called “Blended Learning” has been released which allows each student to be associated to a Blended Learning Group.

How to get started

Introduction to setting up blended learning for your district.

Watch these videos if you are interested in setting up blended learning groups for the first time and also how you can create corresponding reports and visualizations.

Blended Learning Group Day Rotation

To assign Blended Learning Groups as virtual, the group must be assigned to that calendar day. Districts can use the adjust group day option to assign the appropriate groups to be virtual on the desired days.

The following videos are meant to help with the initial setup of the Blended Learning Group day rotation, and changes to day rotations throughout the school year. They'll show how to use the rotation tools regardless of non-school days and how to assign groups to specific days of the week.

Additional COVID Resources are available here:

COVID Resources