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Floyd County Public Schools

Floyd chose Infinite Campus for its wide range of truly integrated functionality.

Floyd County, Virginia
2,100 Students

After struggling with several data management issues, including state reporting, Floyd County Public Schools, in Floyd County, Virginia, was looking for a Web-based student information system (SIS) that featured solid reporting and secure and reliable access to information.

Floyd chose Infinite Campus for its wide range of truly integrated functionality, joining a national network of Campus customers who benefit not only from a robust data management system, but also from the personalized support and services provided, and significant savings in time and resources.

Floyd County had been using STI [Software Technology, Inc.] for many years and were one of the few customers in the state. Managing reports posed challenges, particularly with state reporting needs. The time between the division’s requests for essential reports and the delivery of those reports prompted Floyd to seek new options.

“Our challenges with our previous vendor were many. We were one of only two customers in our state and found it difficult to receive development and support for state required reporting," said Angela Carr, Floyd County Data Specialist. “The vendor was serving other states with larger customer bases. We needed to make a change to another SIS provider who would understand our needs, make them a priority and have the resources to respond in a timely way.”

State reporting is a mission critical process that must be executed with precision and excellence to ensure the district receives all of the funds to which it is entitled. The commitment from Infinite Campus to keep abreast of Virginia’s reporting requirements, and the prioritization of whatever development the state’s changes require, has been appreciated.

“Our state reporting is ever evolving due to legislative decisions and regulations that continually change. Currently we have several major reports that extract directly out of Infinite Campus,” related Carr. “Most recently, the state of Virginia is requiring a report that links teachers and students in hopes of providing meaningful growth data to divisions. There has been a very short turnaround time for development of this report with many changes along the way. Infinite Campus has been very responsive and helpful to us so that we can meet our reporting deadlines.”

“The core product is solid and very user friendly and is always being improved for the customer. But I would still have to say the best part of working with Infinite Campus is the support we receive,” said Carr. “I appreciate the structure and dependability we have come to rely on through using the customer portal, participating in focus groups, and with one-on-one support.” Carr added, “For administrators and teachers, I appreciate knowing that we have Infinite Campus University as a resource for training.”

The all-too-common communication breakdown between what’s actually happening in the classroom and what a parent is told at the supper table can now be remedied by a glance at the Campus Portal. The answer to the question, “What did you learn at school today?” is only a click away. “Students and parents benefit from improved communication and inclusion in the educational process by using the Campus Portal,” explained Carr.

Since Floyd County’s adoption of Infinite Campus in 2009, teachers have enjoyed a flexible, integrated system for managing lesson plans, assignments, grades, assessments, report cards, and parent communication. Grades can be updated from home and teachers can spend more school hours in front of students.

As a result of its commitment to support customers in Virginia, Infinite Campus has gained a contract as a preferred vendor with the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) and the Virginia Department of Education (DOE). This contract allows Virginia school districts to purchase from Infinite Campus without a request for proposal for a SIS. The contract includes the SIS, implementation, data conversion, training and ongoing support.

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