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Kenosha Unified School District

Throughout the years, Kenosha's legacy system required extensive modifications to keep up with requirements for data, reporting and analysis.

23,000 students
Kenosha, Wisconsin

It was decided that the increased demands of user interaction, data collection and reporting features could only be met by purchasing a new product. After reviewing the results from the state SIS single vendor RFP, Infinite Campus was the overwhelming choice.

Statewide Selection Process
As with most Wisconsin districts, Kenosha was awaiting the final decision from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction regarding a single provider for a statewide SIS. A thorough RFP process evaluated competing student information systems, searching for the best, most cost-effective product. Through this process, KUSD selected Infinite Campus, a single solution that addressed their outstanding data management needs, aligned with Wisconsin state reporting and lowered annual costs.

Favorite Features
Coming off a system that could not readily support growth and wasn’t keeping up with state reporting, KUSD values that Infinite Campus is a one-stop-shop. All student data is centrally hosted in a single database that is convenient, efficient, and available to users in real time.

According to Kris Keckler, KUSD Executive Director of Information and Accountability, “Our favorite features of Infinite Campus include the clean interface, online enrollment option, and direct support for data conversion. The efforts by Infinite Campus to align with the Wisconsin state reporting requirements will save district staff hours of time and improve data collection overall.”

Maximizing Their Investment
Parents are busy and their time is valuable. By purchasing Campus Online Registration, parents can add or update their student’s demographic, health, primary and secondary household information, phone numbers and more all online. No cumbersome forms to complete. No trips to the office to drop off paperwork. When an update is made parents receive a confirmation email or status update. In addition, district staff can now run four different reports on applications and enrollment statuses.

“We are very excited to simplify the enrollment process for parents with Campus Online Registration,” said Keckler. “It will bring added value to our SIS.”

Partnering with the WiRCC
KUSD partnered with the Wisconsin Regional Computing Center (WiRCC) during implementation and will continue to work with them for ongoing support. WiRCC is a regional partner with Infinite Campus for Wisconsin customers.

“Because the WiRCC’s focus is on Wisconsin schools, they are very familiar with the state regulations we must follow. All of the WiRCC staff we have worked with are former Wisconsin educators and that gives them unique insight into how we will use Infinite Campus,” said Keckler.

Looking Forward to the Future
KUSD stakeholders are excited for the improved collaboration and data sharing available with Infinite Campus. They look forward to increasing student and parent communication, and accessing tools that can predict trends and build for the future.

Infinite Campus applies a forward-thinking approach to everything. More than 150 in-house developers work to add product functionality, respond to changing educational needs, and overall improve its comprehensive SIS. Monthly enhancements are included at no additional cost and Wisconsin User Groups are among the strongest in the country.

“By choosing Infinite Campus, KUSD can adhere to our mission of assuring every child experiences high quality, personalized learning,” stated Keckler.

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