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Onteora Central School District

Onteora finds a new SIS provider that could address their data issues and offer them more value in a single product.

1,450 students
Boiceville, New York

Selection Process
A selection committee was formed that consisted of a high school and elementary principal, the superintendent, registrar and data entry coordinator. The committee looked at four vendors including PowerSchool, SchoolTool, SASIXP and Infinite Campus. After careful consideration, Onteora decided that Infinite Campus offered the most functionality for the price and implemented the system in 2008.

Immediate Solutions with Infinite Campus
Access to real-time data in a single location was an enormous benefit to choosing Infinite Campus. Simplified master scheduling and improved communication through the Campus Portal were additional features that made Infinite Campus their #1 choice.

Campus Scheduler
The Campus Scheduler helps build more efficient schedules and fulfills more student requests than ever before. Onteora now has the ability to auto-build schedules from previous years with multiple scenarios for the upcoming year to optimize the coincidence of time, space, people and resources.

The Scheduler provides course and staff planning tools, building tools, loading options and mass update tools. It is designed from the ground-up to be an integral component of Infinite Campus SIS.

Campus Portal
Infinite Campus is completely Web-based so parents and students can easily access grades, attendance, assignments and scheduling information anywhere, any time through the Campus Portal.

According to Lance Edelman, Onteora High School Principal, Chief Information Officer for Student Management System and Technology Coordinator, “With the Campus Portal, parents and students have access to information in real time, which makes the job for teachers and administrators a lot easier.”

Parents and students can also access information on-the-go with the Campus Mobile App. This intuitive and user-friendly app can be downloaded from any Apple iOS or Android device. Users can enable ‘push notifications’ to automatically send alerts for grade, assignment and attendance changes.

Local Service and Support
Infinite Campus Channel Partner, Custom Computer Specialists, based in Hauppauge, New York, provides the training, service and support for Onteora.

“Custom staff has always been of the highest caliber. They took the time to get to know our district, our needs and concerns. They had patience and were able to accommodate the different personalities and skills of our staff,” stated Edelman.

From the initial trainings to present, Custom staff has worked tirelessly to assist Onteora with their needs.

“The trainers we worked with through Custom were highly organized and strategically helped us migrate our data from an antiquated system to Infinite Campus,” said Edelman.

Expanding their Investment
Campus Food Service
Districts using Campus Food Service significantly streamline cafeteria options. Because it works seamlessly with the SIS, lunch lines move quickly, reports are submitted with ease and parents and students have real-time access to lunch account information via the Campus Portal and Mobile App.

“Having a single system as your database has proven beneficial and ensured that we have the most up-to-date food service information available in one place,” said Edelman. “Parents like the ability to see their child’s account balances and monitor daily food purchases.”

Additionally, Onteora eliminated transaction processing time with Campus Food Service Point of Sale (POS). The POS terminals use touch screen technology with a self-evident visual data entry screen. Since Onteora also has Campus Online Payments, parents can submit lunch payments 24/7 via the Campus Portal.

Campus Online Payments
Campus Online Payments is a reliable, and secure electronic payment processing solution for both food service and fee transactions. It eliminates cash handling, reduces lost checks, improves cash flow, creates office efficiencies and enhances internal controls.

Payments for food service balances and fees can be made on the Campus Portal using a credit/debit card, or a checking or savings account, with real-time transaction verification.

“Parents appreciate the ability to easily add money to student accounts using Campus Online Payments,” said Edelman.

Extraordinary Company
“Infinite Campus has always been responsive to Onteora’s needs. Whether it was a training request or questions about new and existing services, we received exceptional service,” stated Edelman.

Onteora appreciates the forward-thinking approach at Infinite Campus. More than 150 in-house developers work to add product functionality, respond to changing educational needs, and overall improve its comprehensive SIS.

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