Track and monitor student's progress from anywhere with Internet access.

Deliver desired data to administrators, staff, parents and students with the same tools you use for managing instruction.

Adjustable grading tools allow you to  auto calculate grades, see how students are performing over time, create your own rubric, and score using your rules. Differentiated instruction is possible with flexible student groups.

Campus Assignment Management is your “operation central” for finding, entering and communicating coursework. With important info available at-a-glance, quickly align assignments to standards, sections and/or student groups.

Assist parents in being proactive in their child's education. By posting assignment information, parents can see when the task was assigned, what was handed out in class, further resources needed to complete the project, and when it’s due. Grades, comments and communications are available in real-time. Conference times are more productive when everyone has access to up-to-date information.

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Teacher Stakeholder

Peter Bissinger is a teacher at Stilwell Middle School in West Des Moines, Iowa and uses Infinite Campus to communicate student attendance, grades, assignments, and more.