Rockwood School District

Steve Beatty
Chief Information Officer 
Eureka, Missouri
21,800 Students

It met our functional needs and allowed us to implement without a large capital outlay. Infinite Campus was our first choice.

Steve Beatty

Chief Information Officer
Rockwood School District
Eureka, Missouri

Steve Beatty

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Rockwood is Prepared for the Future
Rockwood School District, located near St. Louis, Missouri with more than 22,000 students, needed to update its systems. In 2003, Rockwood chose Infinite Campus as its comprehensive student information system. Today, Infinite Campus is not only filling its needs for centralized data management, flexible functionality, and cost efficiency, but has provided Rockwood with a system for the future.

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Need for Change
When Steve Beatty, chief information officer for Rockwood, began looking for a student information system (SIS) to serve the district, he identified critical needs in six major areas of functionality, including instruction, curriculum, administration, communications, reporting, and analysis. In addition, Beatty required centralized data management, flexibility, and cost efficiency. 

“We needed to update the system to reflect the growing demands of student data management,” said Beatty. “It was important to have a system that lets us capture data about all our students, provides built-in reporting and analysis of the data, and facilitates state reporting.”

Rockwood conducted a thorough review over six months and narrowed the field to five possible providers.“Infinite Campus came out on top,” said Beatty. “It offered an integrated system with a lot of components in one base package. It met our functional needs and allowed us to implement without a large capital outlay. Infinite Campus was our first choice.”

Tools for Teachers
Instruction tools from Infinite Campus give Rockwood teachers an easy-to-use, integrated system for managing attendance, grading and assessments through an intuitive Web interface. Rockwood teacher’s use of Infinite Campus has evolved from a set of guidelines to professional requirements for posting assignments and grades. It is now incorporated into teacher evaluations as a teacher responsibility. 

“Teachers are pretty good about posting assignments and grades. Our survey results indicate that we have 80 percent of our teachers happy with Infinite Campus. That’s incredible,” Beatty says. “At this point, if you tried to take it away from the teachers, there would be a revolt.

“Moving forward, we know Infinite Campus is working toward development of standards-based grading and that is the direction we’re heading.”

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Parents Respond to Portal
Strong communication with stakeholders is important to student success. Parents with access to student’s assignments, grades, attendance records and more are better equipped to support their student’s success in school. 

In addition to student information, posting school closings, upcoming conferences and district newsletters on the portal keeps parents involved with the school. 

“Communication is absolutely a strong point. We did a survey in 2007, a little over a year after Infinite Campus was on line, and talked to parents about Campus Portal,” Beatty said. “We had 94 percent of our parents say they were satisfied or very satisfied with the Campus Portal. We are really strengthening our home/school connection.” 

Leader in State Reporting
Infinite Campus enables Rockwood to use data to populate standard reports, create customized ad hoc reports, and leverage integrated state reporting capabilities. The state of Missouri has been implementing a new SIS called MOSIS and it hasn’t been easy, even with Infinite Campus. 

“Infinite Campus puts the extra effort into getting what we need for state reporting so we can get it done,” said Beatty. “Our staff spends a lot less time with state reporting since using Infinite Campus.”

From the beginning, Rockwood worked closely with Infinite Campus to lead the development of Missouri state reporting capabilities. Rockwood’s state reporting attracted more districts in Missouri, adding to the local Campus Community that has been helpful for the district.

“The decision to move to Infinite Campus had implications for us because Missouri state reporting wasn’t done yet. We took a bit of a chance and trusted Infinite Campus,” said Beatty. “Infinite Campus worked diligently to provide built-in state reporting capabilities and overall our experience has been positive.”

Beatty tells other Missouri districts, “Infinite Campus has allowed Rockwood to move to the next level. If I had it to do over, I would select Infinite Campus again.”

Rockwood Sees ROI
Infinite Campus enables Rockwood to realize a solid ROI in two important ways. Beatty discovered that Infinite Campus was a technology solution that did not require a large capital outlay and delivered the lowest total cost of ownership.

Beyond direct financial savings, however, Rockwood is saving staff time through the efficiency that Infinite Campus brings to all aspects of the district. The system helps to streamline time-consuming processes such as student enrollment, scheduling, attendance and grading so more time and resources are directed to planning and teaching.

“We can do so much more with Infinite Campus than we ever could before,” states Beatty. “In fact, it saves us money because we don’t have to train, maintain, update, etc. all our old multiple systems.”

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Room to Grow
Infinite Campus is a transactional data warehouse providing Rockwood with the built-in ability to analyze information through a Web interface. This enables Rockwood to leverage data being managed across the district for real-time decision making.

The district has successfully made the shift from multiple database systems to a comprehensive, integrated, web-based system that fills its needs from both a functional and technical perspective. Now a long-time user, Rockwood has had time to evaluate and appreciate the benefits of Infinite Campus. 

Having realized its vision to deliver transformational technology, Rockwood is the beneficiary of the Infinite Campus commitment to deliver enhancements and new features to meet future trends in education and technology.

“We are doing things with Infinite Campus we could not have done with our previous system. In fact, we had two or three systems trying to fulfill the function that Infinite Campus does,” said Beatty. “We ask ourselves, how can Infinite Campus help us meet our long term goals? We know there are features we haven’t taken full advantage of that we intend to which will continue to strengthen that home/school connection. That has been a huge plus for us.”

Next Steps
The challenges now being faced and the challenges yet to come can be met with Infinite Campus.

When Rockwood looks at long-term goals, Beatty knows there are even more opportunities within Infinite Campus that haven’t been fully realized. Infinite Campus has so much to offer, and it takes time to grow into the product.

“As we move towards the future with the Campus Data Warehouse and visualization tools like Tableau, our administrators will have easier access to visualize data,” said Beatty. “Bottom line, our administrators are much more likely to use the system than anything we’ve ever had in the past.”