Lyon County Schools

Nina Whitney
District Technology Coordinator
Eddyville, Kentucky
900 Students

The support we have received from Infinite Campus has been outstanding.

Nina Whitney

District Technology Coordinator
Lyon County Schools
Eddyville, Kentucky

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Lyon County Benefits from Comprehensive Support and Ease of Use
Lyon County School District, serving 900 students in southwestern Kentucky, was selected as a pilot district when the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) chose Infinite Campus® as a statewide student information system (SIS). Lyon County wanted a smooth conversion to a user-friendly web-based system with efficient reporting and strong technical support. From the first days of conversion, Infinite Campus provided Lyon County with strong project management, training and support, and time-saving solutions.

Getting Ready for Success
Successful conversion to a new data management system required committed participation on the part of stakeholders and excellent training procedures on the part of Infinite Campus.

Denise Johnson, Lyon County Director of Pupil Personnel, says, “We had buy-in as a district with an incredible team of dedicated faculty and staff determined to make the conversion as successful as it could be for our district. That was an essential first step in a smooth transition to Infinite Campus.”

To capitalize on Lyon’s commitment to the project, as well as maximize staff expertise, Infinite Campus suggested a strategy to accommodate initial training as well as making provisions for a go-to person within the district to provide continued support. Key staff at the district and in each building were assigned roles in integral areas of the system and received on-site training from Infinite Campus.

“Having had solid instruction from Infinite Campus from the very beginning, our staff was well informed and knew what role each played in the initial conversion,” says Nina Whitney, Lyon County District Technology Coordinator. “Because the roles were clearly defined, the staff developed into knowledgeable and productive data conversion team members.”

By investing the time and effort to organize a team of key personnel and to engage in the thorough training offered, Lyon County Schools enjoyed a smooth and successful conversion.

“The time spent in preparation really paid off for us because we did not have hours and hours of clean up after conversion,” says Johnson.

Go-to Team Successful
When questions arise among Lyon County stakeholders, the go-to team trained during conversion is now ready to answer questions and provide ongoing training for new personnel. In addition, the go-to team trains staff on new uses of the application, as well as addresses issues for end users with new operational needs.

“Our district has the capacity to track and review so many trends in data that it is a challenge to comprehend all the many ways to utilize the system for the benefit of our students,” says Whitney. “Having this team of local Infinite Campus experts in place has streamlined the process,” added Johnson.

Infinite Campus remains ready to provide information and technical support for Lyon County Schools.

“The support we have received from Infinite Campus has been outstanding,” says Whitney. “In addition to the on-site training and support, the webinar sessions offered have had a large impact on our overall competency.”

New Efficiencies for Lyon County
Using Infinite Campus has eased data management and reporting in Lyon County, saving valuable time and money. Before Infinite Campus, technical personnel had to perform routine backups and end-of-year and roll-forward procedures. “With the system hosted at KDE in Frankfort, roll-overs and backups are less time consuming,” noted Whitney.

“We have found Infinite Campus invaluable in tracking errors in reported data,” says Johnson. “Having a web-based model, the district has granted KDE ‘read-only’ access to our data. We have received assistance from Frankfort in localizing and correcting errors and efficiently resolving problems as they arise. This alone is a priceless timesaving feature.”

Another advantage of Infinite Campus statewide is the ease of student transfers. When students transfer from one Kentucky district to another, their records are electronically accessible through Infinite Campus. This access permits a continuation of individual learning plans and enables teachers, administrators and counselors to address the unique needs of newly enrolled students. In a mobile society, this ability increases the likelihood of student academic success.

Complex Report Requirements
Accountability is an enormous responsibility for all Kentucky districts. The Commonwealth has adopted a variety of tools to ensure accountability at the district and state levels. These include data derived from the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (CATS), the ACT for juniors, Explore to determine high school readiness, Plan to predict ACT readiness as well as such reports for NAEP and NCLB. Besides the need to track and assess test data, districts must provide attendance and budget information to the state.

Compiling the data for these various reports is both complex and crucial to the operation of the district. In addition, ad hoc reports keep the districts’ wheels moving. Infinite Campus provides Lyon County with the functionality so users can create their own reports using the data managed in the system for KDE state reporting and other internal reports.

Enthusiastic Reactions
With Infinite Campus now a part of their everyday working lives, Lyon County administrators, teachers and parents have come to appreciate its many benefits. Administrators make decisions using reliable real-time information. Teachers comment on the ability of being able to work on grades at home. Parents can stay informed about assignments, grades and activities from any computer with Internet access.

“We want parents to have access 24/7 to information about their children,” says Johnson. “We estimate that around 75 percent of our parent population accesses their children’s data online through Infinite Campus.”

Addressing Infinite Campus functionality and support, Johnson says, “In comparing Infinite Campus to other student information systems, it is ‘hands-down’ the most comprehensive.”