Paducah Public Schools

Troy Brock
Director of Pupil Personnel
Paducah, Kentucky

2,900 Students

The seamless movement of data between district and state has been extremely beneficial. It’s so easy. The state pulls our data, checks it and sends us a copy for verification. We simply respond with a confirmation. KDE can extract our data at any time without requiring special effort on our part. This saves tremendous amounts of time and resources for us.

Troy Brock

Director of Pupil Personnel
Paducah Public Schools
Paducah, Kentucky

Districts Benefit from the Infinite Campus Statewide Solution
When the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) purchased the Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE), all districts in Kentucky began using the Infinite Campus District Edition (ICDE) as their student information system (SIS) to ensure consistent delivery of information across districts and up to the state. As a result, Paducah Public Schools transitioned from its legacy system and experienced immediate benefits from an integrated, web-based system to transfer information between districts and the state.
Seamless Data Transfer
The Infinite Campus State Solution has transformed state reporting from a frantic, end-of-term scurry of assembling and submitting information to a seamless transfer of data from district to state. With ICSE district data is accessible at any time with the assurance that the data is submitted with a high degree of accuracy. In the past, Paducah had multiple worksheets on schools for tracking and reporting, which was an out-of-date, time consuming task with an inevitable amount of entry error. With Infinite Campus integration, data is entered once and available across the district and to the state in real time.
With common functionality at both state and district levels, Paducah can enter data in pre-established reporting formats comfortable in the knowledge that KDE has the ability to pull information directly. With Infinite Campus, Paducah performs internal data audits as needed to maintain up-to-the-minute accuracy and ensure that KDE receives the most reliable information.
District-to-District Data Transfer
With all Kentucky districts operating on the same SIS, student transfers between districts are completed electronically. When a student transfers from one district to another, student information including grades, special needs, and demographic data are transferred within minutes and students can attend class in their new district without delay.
Student Locator
While specific student tracking needs differ between KDE and districts, everyone benefits from the ability to locate and transfer student information quickly and accurately. Precise knowledge of a student’s location means that funding to districts is accurate and timely. Any district using Infinite Campus within our five statewide customers (Kentucky, Maine, Montana, South Dakota and the Bureau of Indian Education) receive these benefits.
“At the district level, we use the student locator almost daily,” says Brock. “Every time we get a new student applying for admission, our enrollment clerks check through Infinite Campus for that student’s records somewhere in the state. Data is then automatically transferred to us.”
Longitudinal Analysis
Paducah’s move to Infinite Campus brought benefits to the district beyond the efficient vertical movement of information between district and state. Having access to data over several years adds significant value for analysis and decision making. Paducah can detect trends and patterns to make more informed decisions and make student or professional adjustments as needed. Knowing what the district is doing right and what areas need improvement enables administrators to be proactive in guiding the district to success.
“We always want the best tools to make decisions. With three to five years of longitudinal data to review, we are able to reinforce our strengths and address our problems efficiently,” says Brock.
Importance of Accuracy
Infinite Campus is a living system, providing constant and non-interruptive upgrades for both the state and district. New technologies are developed and incorporated without a lengthy implementation process. Experts monitor reporting requirements at the KDE and federal levels and upgrade district systems as needed. Needs are anticipated and solutions are developed and given to customers throughout the year.
“Without a doubt, there are many benefits from a district using the same system as the state,” says Brock. “And, in general, Infinite Campus is a solid company to work with. They keep us current with updates, training and support. Because we are on the ‘Enhancement or E-line,’ we don’t wait until year-end for updates as we did with our legacy system. We get updates every month. Also, in my experience, when districts have questions or concerns, Infinite Campus is responsive and prompt. With Infinite Campus, we can use much more of our time and resources for improving our quality of instruction.”
About Infinite Campus
For more than a decade, Infinite Campus has successfully implemented its solutions for customers of all sizes. Today, Infinite Campus applications manage more than 4.5 million students in 43 states. Infinite Campus customers range from districts with fewer than 100 students to those with more than 600,000 as well as regional consortia, state departments of education and the federal government.