Daviess County Public Schools

Matthew Constant
Director of Instructional Technology
Owensboro, Kentucky
11,413 Students

Infinite Campus has improved the consistency of information across the state.

Matthew Constant

Director of Instructional Technology
Daviess County Public Schools
Owensboro, Kentucky

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Daviess Gains State Reporting Efficiencies and More
Daviess County Public Schools (DCPS) in Owensboro, Kentucky, converted its data management system to Infinite Campus in January 2009. While a Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) mandate was a factor in making the change, DCPS soon realized that state reporting, system customization and data management processes had improved. Infinite Campus provided a seamless implementation, thorough training, excellent technical support and features that generate excitement throughout the district.

Improved State Reporting
DCPS reports a wide spectrum of student data from nationally normed tests such as NAEP and ACT to NCLB. Additional reports are required by the Commonwealth of Kentucky on academics, test scores, attendance and behaviors. With Infinite Campus District Edition in sync with KDE and the Infinite Campus State Edition, state reporting has become a manageable tool rather than a time-consuming headache.

“With our legacy system, there was never a real seamless connection with KDE. Reporting through Infinite Campus has definitely taken work off us. Our data is sent to the state edition in real time. This is a really, really good thing,” says Matthew Constant, DCPS Director of Instructional Technology.

Through feedback from KDE, DCPS benefits from shared data across the state. Procedural changes and corrections are now an easy fix.

“In comparing data integrity from the 174 districts, it is easy for us to get a report back from the state pointing out problems in our data,” says Constant. “We make changes and resubmit them quickly. It provides us with a heads up in our internal procedures and practices. Infinite Campus has improved the consistency of information across the state.”

The Power of Integration
Before upgrading to Infinite Campus, DCPS had separate servers and data had to be entered in each school individually. Family demographic information was student-based, so a family with multiple students required something as simple as a changed household phone number to be entered several times.

Infinite Campus collects household-based information, so changes to demographics with multiple students are entered only once and are made available throughout the district instantly.

Reliable student information follows transferring students moving from one school to another. Coupled with web-based data management for grading, behaviors, absences, and test scores, DCPS now enjoys easy access to accurate student data.

“In our legacy system, we had a server in each school and had to provide individual support for all 20 buildings. Now we can make a change to every school with a click,” says Constant.

Ability to Customize
DCPS wanted Infinite Campus to be the “go-to” system for their data management needs. “We need people to see Infinite Campus as the authority,” said Constant. “We wanted to customize it to ensure accurate information, rather than having to look in several places for information.”

To maximize the benefits of their investment, they selected three staff members for Campus Technical Certification. By taking system customization training, these in-house technicians can create special ad hoc reports, adapt features to fit the unique needs of the district and create tabs for special system functions.

“We have 3,000 high school students, each with a laptop and a password. To manage the details associated with this we created a tab called Technology,” says Constant. “When students forget passwords, staff with security rights to the tab can quickly go to Infinite Campus and find the username and password.”

DCPS has a help desk to assist students having problems with their laptops. A laptop will often be replaced with a loaner while machine problems are addressed. As is the case with students everywhere, teachers began to hear “My homework is on my laptop at the help desk.” To counter this, a customized tab was created to verify loaner assignments.

“When a student offers an excuse about a loaner laptop, teachers simply go to the tab and check,” says Constant. “We get a lot of positive feedback from the teachers. This has been a showpiece of our ability to customize Infinite Campus to meet our needs.”

Getting Everyone on Board
Generating support for an SIS change from over 1,700 employees can be a challenge. To meet this challenge, Infinite Campus provided a professional project manager and DCPS assembled a team to create policy and implementation decisions based on experience and best practices.

This was followed by solid training for the right stakeholders. DCPS prepared building and teacher coaches at the school level. An Infinite Campus help desk was created as a focal point for questions at the district level. Most important, the district has outstanding internal communication for sharing solutions.

“It’s great when someone sends an email to the teacher coach group and someone else responds with ‘I’ve had that problem. This is how I dealt with it.’,” says Constant. “That level of shared problem solving is exactly what we want to get the most out of Infinite Campus.”

Campus Client Executive Support
Sometimes questions arise that building and teacher coaches can’t answer. Campus Client Executives are assigned to each district to be an advocate for finding the best solution to a problem. They also help coordinate state and regional user groups for idea generation and networking.

“The assistance we receive from our client executive has been critical. I have reached out to our client executive with some real sticking points,” says Constant. “Before frustration sets in, I pick up the phone and call for help. They are always available, either by phone or email.”

District Perspectives on Benefits

After a year and a half with Infinite Campus, DCPS stakeholders gave this feedback:

  • With a web-based system, teachers can work from anywhere there is Internet access. They love the convenience.
  • Office staff give positive feedback for the family household structure. It provides increased data integrity.
  • Parents say they like the information available through Campus Portal. Our legacy system only showed grades. Now parents can review tests, assignments, calendars and other student information.

“We appreciate the umbrella of Infinite Campus. The company offers so much beyond a data management system. We know we can rely on support for our system today and the vision of the company to move us into the future,” says Constant. “I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with Infinite Campus.”