Our History

Charlie Kratsch, our Founder and CEO, started Infinite Campus in 1993. As an innovator, Charlie knew the Internet was going to greatly impact technology, so he built Infinite Campus District Edition from the ground-up as the first fully Web-based student information system (SIS).

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We have been providing customers with advanced SIS functionality via a hosted service model from the beginning. The original version of Infinite Campus was launched in 1996 at Centennial School District in Circle Pines, Minn., which is still using our system today. Our solutions have regular, incremental enhancements which allow our customers to stay ahead of the game without changing systems.

The architecture of Infinite Campus delivers another key benefit for educators. Our system uses business logic built upon multi-tier architecture. The separation of the business logic from the data and presentation layers ensures system integrity, data security, and enables the system to quickly adapt to changing K12 needs.

Our Technology

In addition to the forward-looking design of using a browser interface, Infinite Campus was designed as an enterprise-class solution (instead of being built as a building or site-based system like most SIS designs). This gives Campus customers the true integration needed for collaboration and efficient workflow horizontally across the district as well as the ability to interoperate between districts and with state authorities. The enterprise capabilities and per-student pricing model allow for easy scaling up or down depending on your district’s changing enrollment situation.

The Benefits of Scalability

The Road Ahead
The Infinite Campus Magazine - Spring 2012Today, Infinite Campus is the largest American-owned student information system. With a controlled growth strategy and focus on delivering innovative solutions, we are ready to help educators literally transform K12 education by delivering an individualized education to each student, relying on technology to make it happen.

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In many areas, it is obvious that the design was based on how someone would actually do the job in a logical and efficient way.

Dan Johnson

Director of Technology
Edgerton School District
Edgerton, Wisconsin