Campus Hosting Options

Districts can maximize the security and availability of their data when they select one of the three hosting options Infinite Campus offers. All options minimize the time and attention your district technical staff will need to devote to the routine tasks of information management.

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Cloud Hosting
While “cloud” may be a relatively new term to educators, it is a well-established distributed data storage methodology that Infinite Campus has refined and now makes available to our customers. This is our most economical hosting solution and is primarily targeted toward small and medium-sized districts who want to accomplish big things within tight budgets.

Fast and secure, Campus Cloud Hosting ensures the district’s data will always be available. In the case of the unthinkable (e.g., a flood wipes out the district’s network infrastructure), staff and students can simply logon to Infinite Campus as if nothing had happened.

Districts can choose between the popular Campus Enhance­ment line (E-line) and the Campus Maintenance line (M-line). With the E-line, the newest features are made available to your end users at regular intervals. This ensures our most recently developed tools are always ready for your forward-thinking community members. With the M-line, new features are introduced once a year. This ensures stability in change-adverse settings. In either case, critical updates are applied as necessary.

Districts receive both a production and a sandbox login. The production login is where the day-to-day work of the district is accomplished. The sandbox is where data experiments can be conducted by more technically-proficient users (e.g. the scheduling team investigates a radical new high school schedule structure).

Cloud Hosting Features:

  • No student minimum or maximum
  • Amazingly affordable
  • Centralized application management
  • Individual district database
  • Choice of M-line or E-line
  • Automatically updated each week
  • Powerful Data Extract Utility included
  • Multiple data centers

Cloud Choice Hosting
This is our recommended choice for medium to large-sized districts. It provides the greatest degree of freedom and flexibility in selecting which specific version number of the product to run and when to switch versions, all at an unbeatable price point.

In addition to production and sandbox logins, districts on the E-line may take advantage of a staging site while evaluating when to move to a newer version of the product. Staging sites provide private instances of both the applica­tion server and district database. M-line customers similarly may explore the next release of the M-line on a preview site which runs district-specific instances of the application server and database.

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SRS) is included in the Cloud Choice Hosting model. Districts use SRS to build custom reports and extracts not currently available out of the box. With SRS, users can push event driven reports to others. These users can then drill into Campus data elements for further understanding based on their current security authorization. Reports can be updated with any standard Microsoft tool.

Data is backed up nightly at multiple Campus Data Centers. Nightly database backups help districts recover and restore data records if they are ever accidentally deleted or cor­rupted through user error. Included in nightly backups are student documents and pictures. All customers receive this service and the district may do these backups indepen­dently, if desired.

Cloud Choice Hosting provides all the connectivity ad­vantages of Cloud Hosting (above) with all the functional advantages of Onsite Hosting (below), but without the cost and worry associated with onsite servers. All of the Campus Hosting services listed under Onsite Hosting (with the ex­ception of warm site failover and continuous backup, which aren’t needed) are provided with Cloud Choice Hosting in an extremely convenient package and at a remarkable price.

Cloud Choice Hosting Features:

  • Highly affordable
  • Private application service
  • Private database service
  • Choice of E-line version number
  • Choice of install date
  • Cloud capacity is automatically scaled to meet district needs
  • Powerful Data Extract Utility included
  • Multiple data centers

Onsite Hosting
In situations where internet connectivy is unreliable or district stakeholders prefer to host their data within the physical bounds of the district, Infinite Campus offers an alternative Onsite Hosting option.

By relying on Infinite Campus to provide Onsite Hosting, districts realize reduced costs and operational overhead by eliminating the need to own and operate their own equip­ment. Campus Hosting provides nightly backups, warm site failover, disaster recovery and, optionally, continuous backup so the district’s data is always available.

Campus Hosting ensures that the operating system licenses on servers are current and compatible. The Microsoft SQL relational database license is also managed by Campus Hosting. Any software updates or patches needed or rec­ommended by the various component manufacturers are taken care of by Campus Hosting.

A Campus Hosting professional schedules necessary system server and software maintenance to keep the Infinite Cam­pus system running optimally and ensure backups are in order. Maintenance is scheduled to meet the district’s needs and avoid disruption of daily use of the production system. In addition, Campus Hosting keeps an inventory of serv­ers available for overnight replacement if or when a failure causes the system to be inoperable. If it is determined that a server is not performing adequately, Campus Hosting will work to determine the best approach to resolve the issue.

Onsite Hosting Features:

  • Software is maintained remotely by Campus Technicians
  • Servers are supplied by Infinite Campus and located at the district
  • Servers are remotely managed by Campus Technicians
  • Server capacity is initially scaled to meet district needs and upgraded/replaced as necessary

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